"You make time for what you feel is important." -Susan Powter

As I am learning, even taking the time to think about what I am going to blog about takes time.

I read this article on Benjamin Franklin's schedule. There was no mention of kite flying.

My writing teacher, Michael McCarthy, was an advocate for "sanctified time, sanctified space." He regaled us with stories of getting up at 5 am, reading something unrelated to what he would be writing about, and then writing for a predetermined amount of time. Still no mention of kite flying.

The time I had set aside to write this, I. . .
  • Read this blog for the 99 cent chef. 
  • Checked Facebook for the 50th time today. Look! More Donald Trump memes! 
  • Scanned three documents into Evernote. (There are approximately 10,000 more to go, if this inbox pile to my left is any real indication.) 

  • Researched where to get my car smogged. 
  • Made a grocery list. Went to supermarket. Thought I could remember everything I put on the list, so I didn't bother to actually look at said list. (I didn't remember everything.)
  • Got home and contemplated whether I should return to the store.
  • Ate crackers and wondered why I am alone.
  • Checked Facebook again. Hooray! More Memes!
Clearly, I'm a creature of habit. The bad ones. Or at least the ones I make time for.

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